How to control impulsiveness quickly and easily

Impulsiveness worsens relationships, well-being and life. Infant impulsiveness is more and more often spoken and unfortunately if it has not been controlled since childhood can complicate life later on. This article is specifically addressed to those who have relational problems given by their impulsiveness to provide useful and practical tools for resuming self-control and living better.

We need a moment to re-acquire control of ourselves first, and then make the right choice and the most productive actions. If we follow our ego (and our body following it) that at the moment would like to eliminate everyone we already know how it will end complicating again we will be worse than before.

In fact, thinking well of all we trust more than people who transmit serenity and control, who speak calmly and make safe decisions … sure about it … that’s what’s lacking in those who react impulsively.

It lacks the calm needed to respond instead of reacting … and needs to raise the voice, shake hands, move or be threatening to defend itself from its own lack of emotional control of the situation.

Yes, because you have to know that very often behind an impulsive and instinctive reaction lies a wound, which can be very heavy, which we cannot handle because it has given us too much suffering and takes away personal security, self-esteem.

So often, it happens that a pulse reaction is a request for unconscious help, candidly masked in the reaction readiness of a susceptible character.

Control of ourselves comes from the awareness of who we are and how we react to situations and prepare ourselves first; by putting into practice the techniques and exercises that I list you shortly.

This way you can prepare yourself to face different situations and convert them to occasions from which you have taken what you really want … to be good first with yourself and then to be respected by others without the need for bent attitudes.

You can be emotionally able to choose which reaction to have and therefore predict the results only if you learn to dominate your impulsivity. Otherwise, choose to act instead of reacting.

Do you prefer to be right or be happy? … Both are not possible!

Let us then see what techniques we can use for …

Breathable consciousness controls impulsivity

According to Deepak Chopra, the breathing technique I call the 1-4-4 is crucial to regain control, is often practiced, and also in anticipation of important situations to relax and prepare ourselves emotionally.

  • It consists of deeply breathing nose for a second
  • In holding the breath for four seconds
  • When exhaling with the mouth for two seconds
  • This process should be repeated for a few minutes

For example: Do you have to report to colleagues or head of office and the anxiety to speak in public is likely to block you?

But I’m a researcher of simplicity in things and, like Leonardo da Vinci, “simplicity and ultimate sophistication” for which I want to give you simple but powerful and decisive ways to practice to train you to control impulsiveness.

Here is a list of things you can do to gain control of yourself and impulsiveness …

  • Move: This way the body communicates to the mind that you are calm and it believes.
  • Eat Slowly: Tasting the food remains in the present and eat less.
  • Breathe Extremely: Prepare your mind to control the situation.
  • Put the watch on the right arm: Also useful to remember a suitable behavior
  • Do things with the other hand: Strengthen connections and mental processes.
  • Cut fruit without making noise: From control of it
  • Make a signal every hour: Helps a lot of serenity.
  • Walk without making you feel: Even with heels

What did they teach us when we were about to cross a busy street?


The same can be done with thoughts when the impulse to react is immediate:

  • Stop and wait for the sensation to pass from the reptile brain (which reacts instinctively) to the logical mind.
  • Think of the answer options you can give and the results that can be obtained.
  • Make the right choice just now, you will notice that impulsiveness has already been braked because you just distracted it with logical thinking.

Impulse is controlled as at the traffic light!

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