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Depression – 10 of the Main Symptoms

Are You Depressed? Here are 10 of the Main Symptoms to recognize if you are suffering from Depression.

Depression often lies in the lack of a clear purpose in life.

Depression is a mood disorder and is treated with Psychotherapy.

In general, you can distinguish a type of endogenous depression and an exogenous depression type.

Endogenous depression comes from within and is a sort of predisposition of thought.

Exogenous depression emerges as a result of external events such as mourning, separation, and difficulty in life.

What is depression really about?

Depression is something deeper than feeling sad.

It is a mood disorder that is characterized by the sense of inner emptiness and renunciation of life, with loss of interest in everything surrounding us.

If depression is not cured, it can seriously interfere with the normal life of your life.

10 of the main symptoms of depression


Often those who are depressed live in anger and irritability. In fact, depression causes dissatisfaction not only in oneself, but also in life and things that are being done. Depressed people find defects in everyone and everyone, even in the situations and in the people who made them happy first.


The depressed person lives in a state of deep sadness that transpires in every gesture and attitude. Everything in everyday life transpires this feeling.

 You are not able to have fun

Almost always who is depressed cannot get pleasure from the things he does. For this reason, it is incapable of having fun and spending time pleasantly.

Disinterest in life

Depressed people are not interested in what they do, but they passively pass it on. In everyday life, they are all over, in work and in other activities of their lives.


One of the most characteristic symptoms of depression is insomnia. In fact, depressed people often spend their nights in the dark, using sleeping pills or drinking alcohol.


Depressed people may also sleep in excess, until they get to spend most of the day in bed or fall asleep in inappropriate moments.

Eating excess

Sometimes those who are depressed exaggerate with food, compensatory. In fact, to fill the sense of emptiness is consoled by eating.

Loss of appetite

Conversely, you can lose your appetite and get to eat very little. In general, who is depressed worsens his eating habits.

Anger shots

The depressed person tends to get angry easily. Because of the feeling of frustration, the sense of impotence prevails to release anger over others, even without a valid reason.

Difficulty of Concentration

Poor concentration is almost always among the major symptoms of depression. In fact, the depressed person encounters great difficulties in carrying out any task, finding itself immersed in the void.


Depression is a life condition that imprisons emotionally from the world. It is the greatest suffering of the soul.

In fact, nothing of what is in the world can solicit the interest of the depressed person and much less his design.

The depressed person through his way of thinking destroys interests and crushes them.

Initially, it is very difficult to become aware of their thinking mechanisms because they are automatic.

That is why it is imperative to understand if you are entering a depressive process, just because you can learn to recognize the mistakes of our thinking.

Who is depressed considers only the negative things of life and cannot see what happens every day positive.

The person who is entering a depression mechanism seems to have become accustomed to paying attention to unpleasant things and trapping in the interpretation of the “totally negative” even when there are positive events.

This thinking mechanism takes away hope and takes on a vice that leads to the renunciation of action by closing in a vicious cycle without a way out.

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