Easy steps to achieve what you really want

What is a Desire? Dreams are desirable said an old song … but is it true? NO!

A desire is not a dream, the difference is that a dream is a vision made primarily while we sleep; it also makes us dream in the open but remains like it was born, with the prerogative that it is a fleeting imagination and without a sure future.

A desire instead has within itself a greater strength and consistency. A desire is a possibility that can be expressed and this is the big difference, a desire does not remain as it is born but seeks the way to be brought into reality through introspection and an increasing number of ways and solutions to be realized. A real desire makes you think about how to do it.

When you reflect on how to accomplish a certain thing you are hoping for in the heart, you are in the presence of a desire that asks you to be accomplished and you are giving yourself a great opportunity to bring what you want in your reality.

The steps you take to make it happen in your life are the goals you make every day to bring you from the present state to a desired state, to your direction.

But it’s not over here … We now need to collect everything we’ve seen before in an easily accessible place that we can frequently review and update, adding the latest achievements, ideas, solutions … Where …?

Collect everything: In a Poster, a collage on your device or a mental map in which you enter all the ideas, images, the right words, and motivational phrases. The numbers you need to program the unconscious to this new vision of the near future … Look at it every day because it’s with the repetition that we learn new things until they become Simple and Natural as driving a car.

Motivation, Yes … I know that it may be difficult to keep this new habit and for this reason I have added so many directions and mental maps that will help you to be motivated and load on the path. Also I can anticipate that for anything new we learn, at the beginning it’s easy to run because it’s a novelty that attracts us.

After a while, it becomes more difficult to keep the attention because new things come to you and bring “space” to your mind, so here you need a clear and motivating direction and a stable project. Finally, after a while, it is still easy because it has become an unconscious habit and something you do without thinking.

How to be effective: Being effective means using the best strategies to manage your time, resources, and energy in order to achieve the results you have chosen to reach your desires first.

First of all, surely, is the positive thought, the only mental state that allows you to access motivation and creativity, to connect with others, and to a new perspective of things. Being effective means being able to handle themselves with the responsibility and the flexibility to change slightly broken if it is to serve the purpose first. A Chapter that must be present in each program that you respect.

Results: At this point, having learned from the section Being Effective how to do things programmed in the goal, you just have to start practicing, starting with simple actions that, repeating them and joining in time will yield the hoped results. Without the fear of being mistaken because it is through the mistakes we have all learned, with the sound determination to a Desire Now Precise, you agree with me that this system works. It cannot be otherwise.

By following the steps in the right sequence and practicing, everything can become possible, whatever your desire. This mental map, besides being colorful and enjoyable to read, has the power to provide you with the best and fastest steps to realize your desires really.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

You will have learned within an hour where you are directed naturally, what drives you unconsciously and what you can do to achieve everything you want. Because your goals will be consistent with what you really are and with your chances.

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