Anxiety Reduction

Eliminate doubt and make decisions with few practices

When we have to make an important decision and have doubts, our strategy tends to be procrastination (postponing decision). Maybe because we believe that with the passing of time we can get more information and reduce the insecurity.

Obviously, I do not mean that this is a wrong strategy since sometimes the wisest choice is to wait. However, this strategy is not always assertive, but in the majority of cases it ends with great tension and sometimes, it even loses excellent opportunities.

If you are the kind of person who tends to stop on the road because doubts do not allow him to move forward, I have a very simple exercise here for you to make the decision to keep up.

1) Focus on the decision you have to take: Write down on a sheet of paper what is the decision you are postponing (note that normally what you are referring to is putting the decision into practice). Now stop and examine your feelings. What do you feel when you think about your decision? Share these emotions in a column on the sheet of paper.

2) Make a list with your doubts: Think about each one of them and try to associate your doubts with the emotions you experience. Now, ask yourself if your doubt has a real base or if it’s just a belief that is limiting you. Eliminate any doubts that do not have a real base or whose chance of achieving is less than 50%. Eliminate all the feelings you have associated with them.

You will be surprised to see that there are few doubts and negative feelings on your list, because most of the temptations that come to us come from misguided beliefs about ourselves and our lives.

3) Bring to your mind a similar situation in which you made the right decision: This will give you confidence.

4) Identify your qualities: It will surprise you to see how your doubts do not come from your best qualities but rather from your fears.

5) Accept the risks: Behind every decision there is always another path you will not undertake. This is a risk and responsibility that we will have to accept. The most important thing is to feel confident that at this point in time with the information you provided, you made the best possible decision.

In short, as soon as you realize that there are doubts (which come from fear) focused on the decision to take, look for confirmations in the past positive experiences and take the risk by taking the responsibility of what will happen.

Choose what to believe because the exterior reacts exactly with the same intensity that we send, whatever it is … and the uncertainties create and send several … Choose not to listen to your thoughts and you will live a lot better because you follow what is good for you happiness sometimes also needs this.

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