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Every emotion is a message and your job is to listen!

What do you say emotions – I love it … !

The worst emotions

When the emotions are too many … !

12 years ago after a long stay, my father left us for a malignant brain angioma, it was a tough test for us all, something that no one is prepared for and we only understand it to others. It is a fact that I have been experiencing a few “unloading” panic attacks due to anxiety accumulated from previous periods.

Whole days to assist him, even the night, until the end of the month, where he has always remained in the coma, have not gone unnoticed to my unconscious who has gathered everything in a pan too full and the lid too light to hold the pressure.

It succeeded, for no reason or slight accidental emotion, to suddenly see the total darkness in front of my eyes in a moment and my breathing stopped, preventing me from reacting … A physical and mental feeling I struggle to describe for the total overturning of these experiences. This happened without notice at the restaurant, the park, the elevator, in front of the TV …

Here’s an example really happened among the many.

Imagine being driving a car and being at a red light, thinking about the usual things to do as soon as you arrive at your destination and you’re not happy about it, you’re “normal” as usual.

There is a coach for you to turn to the traffic light and you suddenly, from nothing you see completely dark and you miss the air … really, stop breathing, your throat closes and you cannot see where you are, where to look because everywhere is black in front of you…

Stay silent, you think you have a heart attack and this takes over all your body. You are completely at the mercy of your extreme emotions that out of control go into delirium. Your body responds with total blockage, like fading or dying.

Here is the proper definition, you feel you are dying ..

You cannot reason when you do not breathe and begin to go hyperventilation, the worst thing you can do to take control of yourself … You’re white like a dead body, cold and the muscles are so tense that they hurt you. In this state, your mind does not allow you to find loopholes and stay helpless by waiting for your fate helpless without being able to do anything …

It’s a feeling I do not even want the worst enemy I have and I’ve never had … a panic attack, that you can think of as a real enemy.

Luckily the green comes and the car behind you demands its hurry and with a horn sound you awaken from your anxiety and give you a pinch of light … This also does not help to seduce your anxiety.

Try awkwardly moving with your car until you find a space to stop and try to calm yourself …

Then, little by little, and very, very slowly, everything begins to pass, breathes better and begins to feel your hands, feet that are as rigid as stones and back to you trying to pretend it’s all right, that is not nothing happened.

But this physical shake and emotions your unconscious has seen, and if you have seen it, and then you begin to supply one at a time and irregularly to keep you ready, all the worst fears you have awakened.

Emotion = Mind in Action

So start doing this …

  • Air travel? … Do not even talk about it.
  • No, I better not go out … You never know …
  • No, I do not digest it … I better not eat it …
  • No thanks, I cannot already have a commitment …
  • I’m not sorry but … I’m not really okay …

In this way, in a short while you do everything you can to avoid the emotions you are “already certain” of not being able to endure … Begin to be afraid of everything.

Why did I describe this sad case? … Because electric shocks of this kind are real signs of life that none of us ever wanted. Trying to suppress and deny emotions, we buy an expensive first-class ticket for the toughest jail. Fear, which is the number one enemy of happiness.

Only with the time and with the help of a psychological friend I realized that these tremendous symptoms were “normal” after a period in which I had repressed too much.

But to really understand and put it into practice it is necessary to stop crying on our sufferings because this is the best way to feel helpless, victims or screams, while in fact we are the masters of ourselves and this fear hides him well.

To accept the need for help is a great step that we can do to our freedom, to learn from this is a sign of awareness and to deal with and control their emotions, so I want to list a number of things that I have done since then and who helped me a lot in my path.

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