Anxiety Reduction

Yoga to combat anxiety

The Yoga is one of the best disciplines to combat anxiety, but it is not only this. Find out what the benefits of Yoga are against anxiety and train with Hatha Yoga for beginners. The Yoga is a discipline that alone may be enough to overcome anxiety. But we are not talking about Yoga as […]

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Social Anxiety Disorder? Self-esteem issue

Social anxiety disorder, also called social phobia or social phobia, is a psychological condition in which the strong and pervasive fear of social situations prevails. By improving self-esteem, you are training to overcome social anxiety, exaggerated export worries, and interact with others. Social anxiety, how does it want? Before explaining in detail what social anxiety […]

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Panic Attack: Symptoms and Care

What Is A Panic Attack? The Panic Attack is an Anxiety Disorder, widespread and frequent, develops suddenly and without apparent reason. It is characterized by intense anxiety, fear or terror, often associated with an imminent catastrophe. Recognize symptoms The frequency of panic attacks varies a lot and you can swing from many episodes a day […]