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Little steps to win depression

Searching for the word “depression” on Google shows more than 7,000,000 results …

How can we overcome the dreadful mood that afflicts so many people? … With the information, I collected a meditation, a medical article and created a mental map with little steps to win the depression.

The state of depression, of any form creates a really difficult situation for those who suffer from it and also for those living next to it, I begin with the premise that depression is absolutely curable to give courage to those who suffer from it by providing more resources and tools to win it.

I really think it is possible to get out of the depression vice because I have tried in person as it feels for having had panic attacks in the past …

About 10 years ago, after my father’s death, after his long stay I found out how he feels when Stress and anxiety are too much to endure with the result that they unload suddenly … out of nowhere.

It happened that in a normal situation, with the car at the red traffic light, it was enough for a coach to side me to suffer breath and darkness in front of my eyes, or at the restaurant I needed a couple to sit next to me to get out of racing room

I did not go into a lift anymore, take the plane was out of the question and without realizing I found myself always in the house, avoiding everything, including friends … I slept little and badly and always tired, too, the body started to have problems, I did not digest anything and I often had nausea.

So I did some intolerance tests and several exams but I did not have any physical that was not going but I needed to look in and understand what to solve.

In fact, I did not feel depressed but the reaction I had to normal things and everyday was hard to control, so I did a period of time with a psychologist who confirmed my fears, too much anxiety accumulated over time.

As soon as I metabolized and accepted my situation, it was fairly easy to look at my “learned” habits and see that they were the most wrong I needed to get out of this continuous malaise. I started to move, I read books, I started to do things I liked, I did meditation and without taking medicines, I managed to get out of this whirlwind that was ruining my mind and health.

Why do I tell you this? Because I understand over time that many people, like me then, tend to neglect their psychophysical well-being by believing, they can control everything until the end, while in reality, in so many cases it is this attachment to everything that makes us lose control of everything.

All you read here, including the mental map, was collected only after this sad period. However, I can confirm that, in my own way and with my own times, it has been put into practice over and over and has “worked well”. It freed me from any belief that I was not able to react to the difficulties and gave me new lymph and self- esteem.

I hope that it will be useful and that you can find the answers you are looking for here.

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