Anxiety Reduction

Yoga to combat anxiety

The Yoga is one of the best disciplines to combat anxiety, but it is not only this. Find out what the benefits of Yoga are against anxiety and train with Hatha Yoga for beginners.

The Yoga is a discipline that alone may be enough to overcome anxiety. But we are not talking about Yoga as a sports discipline in which people keep the most extravagant positions and twist like circles. Yoga is not even a discipline made of aerobic rhythm lessons or short stretching sessions. According to Mircea Eliade, a historian of religions who studied ancient Indian traditions with an anthropological approach, “what distinguishes Yoga is not just its practical aspect, but also its initiatory nature.”

What does it mean? It means that Yoga is not just practical; it’s not just physical exercise. Yoga is a full-time spiritual experience, which also includes the body side, but which is not only based on it and certainly does not run out of it. The Yoga is body and mind together. But not enough, Yoga is also breathing, the process that connects our inner world to the outside world, which connects us to reality and binds the dualisms that we are used to dissociate.

According to the tradition of the Upanishad, the sacred texts of the Vedas, Yoga consists of a body part, its members, control of breathing, meditation, thought, concentration, retreat of senses, and deep connection. The Yoga is therefore inseparable from the control of breathing and meditation, the two components, which have emerged in the West.

Winning anxiety with Yoga is really possible only if you enter an order of ideas completely alien to the logic we are used to and in which we are immersed. It is not a matter of experiencing their frantic, unhealthy, and anxiety days to cut off a half hour of relaxation in the evening. Yoga against anxiety is a complete Yoga that never abandons, even when you do not practice it physically. The Yoga is a path of full realization that it cannot be switched on and off at will as the app of a smartphone.

The best way to begin a journey of accomplishment that is to deepen the connection with reality is to respect the initiatory nature of Yoga and thus to be guided in a gradual path. Hatha Yoga  is perfect for beginners, for those who want to try Yoga and especially with Hatha Yoga. This lesson is perfect for those who want to overcome anxiety and are in the grip of their attacks.

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