Red Wine:10 unexpected benefits of red wine for health
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Red Wine:10 unexpected health benefits of red wine

Red wine is really amazing for your health

Believe it or not: a glass of red wine a day would have beneficial effects on health! Many studies support the virtues of the antioxidants present in this alcohol, which would help fight against certain pathologies. But do not dream … the wine is not ready to be reimbursed by mutual health.

Scientific studies prove the benefits of red wine on the body: provided not to exceed 1 to 2 glasses per day, the drink would help prevent certain cardiovascular diseases, strengthen the immune system or slow down the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Red Wine:10 unexpected benefits of red wine for health

1. Fight against Alzheimer’s disease

Effect on memory an American study, published in February 2015 in the English journal ” Scientific Reports “, highlights the effect of resveratrol, an antioxidant contained in the skin of grapes, on the preservation of memory. It would be particularly effective for treating memory disorders after age 60 and in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Prevent cardiovascular disease

Heart disease Resveratrol would also be a solution to cardiovascular problems. According to the World Health Organization, it alone reduces 40% of the risks of heart attack and heart attack. The vasodilator properties of this antioxidant increase the diameter of the blood vessels and thus facilitate the circulation of blood.

3. Reduce the risk of lung cancer

Red Wine:10 unexpected benefits of red wine for healthLung cancer Moderate consumption of red wine reduces the risk of lung cancer in men, according to a report published in a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. On average, each glass of red wine consumed per month would reduce the risk of lung cancer by 2% in a middle-aged man, and by 60% in a smoker who drinks one or two glasses a day.

4. Extend life expectancy

Life expectancy Men who drink a glass of wine a day would have a life expectancy 3.8 years higher than those who do not drink, according to a study conducted by Dutch researchers in 2007. Their risk of senile dementia is revealed also 85% lower. Moderate consumption of red wine could therefore not only prolong the life, but also that of active age.

5. Limit the side effects of radiation therapy

Woman consuming wine Red wine as a treatment for cancer patients? This is suggested by an Italian clinical study, which shows that women treated for breast cancer by radiotherapy with a moderate consumption of wine have fewer adverse effects than women who do not drink. The red wine would help to replenish the cells of the skin and thus fight against radiation.

6. Reduce stress

Red Wine:10 unexpected benefits of red wine for healthOffice relaxation A little glass of red would help to relax! A study from the University of California has demonstrated the relaxing properties of wine. An enzyme found in the grape skin would disable the cellular response to stress. Endorphins increase and the tension decreases, causing an almost immediate relaxation effect.

7. Treat erectile dysfunction

Bottles of wine Men drinking wine regularly would be less likely to experience erectile dysfunction. A joint study of Harvard and East Anglia universities offers this astonishing conclusion. All the credit goes to flavonoids, pigments found mainly in blueberries, blackberries, radishes and red wine.

8. Eliminate bacteria

Red wine treatment Irritated gums or tartar deposits can be treated at the dentist’s or with a glass of wine. It has the ability to prevent the appearance of streptococci and caries-causing bacteria and is highly effective against gingivitis and sore throats. It would still be 60% to 80% alcohol in the blood to completely eradicate a virus (which we obviously do not recommend trying!).

9. Activate weight loss

Red Wine:10 unexpected benefits of red wine for healthWeight loss far from representing an additional caloric intake, the red wine activates a gene preventing the formation of fat cells and helping to eliminate existing fats. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has demonstrated its effects on the silhouette in several scientific journals, stating that the results are more visible if the wine is consumed as part of a balanced diet.

10. Fighting fatigue

Red Wine:10 unexpected benefits of red wine for healthFight fatigue The resveratrol contained in the grapes would alleviate fatigue and give a boost to the body during a particularly trying day. But beware: if a glass of wine has stimulating effects, past 2 glasses, you risk dozing on the contrary!

So come with a glass of red wine for cheers!!!

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