Insomnia: 10 Tips how to fight insomnia a sleeping disorder
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Insomnia: 10 Tips how to fight insomnia a sleeping disorder

Some tips to fight insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep cycle disorder affecting about 30% of the population. It is characterized by chronic difficulties in falling asleep or staying asleep. Even when the person is in a state of fatigue and needs sleep. This condition usually causes some fatigue, puts you in a bad mood, causes difficulty concentrating, mood disorders and a decrease in productivity at work or school. Here are 10 tips to fight against insomnia.

Insomnia can have a variety of causes and is often caused by a sudden change in life (such as jet lag, which disrupts our biological clock), stress and anxiety (whether caused by a specific situation or inherent to a person), certain medical treatments or illnesses such as depression. A troubled sleep can truly make someone’s life hell. So it’s important to learn and do what you can to get better sleep. Let’s go for our 10 tips!

1. Get up at regular times

We need, in life, to hold on to certain benchmarks in order to maintain a balance. Our sleep works the same way. That’s why it’s always beneficial to maintain a regular sleep pattern. When we always wake up at different times, our body does not have time to get used to a certain sleep cycle. This can cause difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.

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If you suffer from insomnia, it is, therefore, best to always go to bed and get up at a fixed time, even on weekends. By getting used to waking up at the same time. Your body will adjust your sleep to these times: you should sleep more easily, and more peacefully this way. Even if you are tempted to wake up later on weekends, resist! Your sleep (and therefore later your mood and health) will thank you!

2. Eliminate alcohol and caffeine

Insomnia: 10 Tips how to fight insomnia a sleeping disorderAlcohol and caffeinated drinks tend to really disrupt your sleep cycle. Nicotine, present in the cigarette, has the same effect. In addition, the effects of caffeine can last several hours or even a whole day. It does not only prevent you from falling asleep but can cause you to wake up several times in the night. If you suffer from insomnia, stopping consuming this type of drink can help you regulate your sleep cycle.

Alcohol disrupts sleep and makes it lighter, less deep and may also cause you to wake up several times in the night, with difficulty getting back to sleep. Some treatments can also disrupt your sleep: especially asthma inhalers or decongestant medications. If you are on treatment, ask your doctor for advice on adjusting or modifying your treatment for insomnia.

3. Avoid naps

Insomnia: 10 Tips how to fight insomnia a sleeping disorderIt is often thought that taking a nap is a good idea to make up for the sleep you missed. However, this is not necessarily true. Indeed, a nap can truly disrupt your internal clock and prevent you from falling asleep at night. When you suffer from insomnia, it is always better to keep the sleep rhythm as natural as possible: to be awake during the day and to sleep at night.

In addition, sleeping during the day can also make you less tired, and push you not to fall asleep at night. While napping is limited once in a while, it is important that it does not become an integral part of your daily routine if you have insomnia and sleep disorders. To fight against insomnia, nothing like the regularity and consistency of the rhythm of sleep.

4. Play sports

Insomnia: 10 Tips how to fight insomnia a sleeping disorderPlaying sports to fight against insomnia is a good idea. Indeed, it happens that we can not fall asleep at night because of the fact that we have not spent enough during the day. In fact, our body does not feel tired enough to get to sleep. Regular physical activity can help you get a better quality of sleep and fall asleep more easily and quickly.

However, it is important to know that practicing physical activity just before falling asleep can have a negative effect on your body. To remedy this problem, it is important to practice your physical activity (whatever it is) at least 3 hours before going to bed. Practicing it in the morning can also be a good idea. So choose a sport that you like and practice it at the right time, to fight against insomnia.

5. Avoid activities that disturb sleep

Some activities, especially if they are practiced just before trying to fall asleep, can be harmful to your sleep cycle and prevent you from falling asleep easily or pushing you to sleep lighter, less peaceful, or even you wake up in the middle of the night without being able to sleep again. It is important to be as serene as possible before trying to fall asleep. And therefore avoid all activities intellectually and visually too stimulating before sleeping.

For example, watching an action movie before falling asleep is a very bad idea to fight insomnia. Similarly, it is best to avoid spending time in front of the screens for the two hours before the time you go to sleep: whether it’s a cell phone, a tablet or a computer, we avoid as much as possible to spend too much time in front of the screens. Similarly, we do not study or do not make phone calls just before falling asleep if we have sleep disorders.

6. Avoid eating and drinking before going to bed

Insomnia: 10 Tips how to fight insomnia a sleeping disorderWhen our digestive system is at work, it is more difficult for us to fall asleep quietly. We avoid eating or drinking in bed, or just before going to sleep so as not to suffer from this problem. In addition, if you drink a lot before going to sleep, you may wake up several times in your sleep to go to the bathroom, bad idea to fight against insomnia!

Eating just before sleeping can also cause gastric reflux. Gastric reflux is not only uncomfortable, but it is also linked to stomach aches and there is nothing worse than trying to fall asleep when you have a stomach ache. If you already have problems like this, eating before sleeping will only make your symptoms worse. So, to fight insomnia and be healthier, do not eat just before going to bed!

7. Make your room more comfortable

To fight against insomnia, making your sleeping space more comfortable and soothing can be a great solution. Indeed, we do not necessarily realize it but an impressive amount of elements influence our sleep and the quality of it. The temperature, the brightness, the sound environment, the material of your sheets and your mattress: all that matters when it comes to falling asleep easily.

We, therefore, advise you to make sure to make your bed comfortable, to avoid sleeping with your pets if you have them (if they make noise or stir during the night your sleep could be disturbed) and Make sure you have a room you like, where you feel at home, comfortable and quiet. Nothing like feeling good to sleep well, is not it?

8. Avoid thinking too much

Insomnia: 10 Tips how to fight insomnia a sleeping disorderDo you suddenly start thinking about all your problems the moment you put your head on the pillow? We also know this problem because it is very common. When we are in bed and everything is quiet and quiet, our thoughts tend to prevail and prevent us from being Zen, which is essential to fight against insomnia. What to do to fight this problem?

Well, it’s important that you find a way to externalize your thoughts so that this process does not hinder your attempts to fall asleep! To do this, find the time, just after dinner, for example, to think or write down your concerns and how you feel. By doing this, you will feel better, more relieved, and even more easily find solutions to combat your everyday worries! And your sleep, in any case, will only be better!

9. Reduce stress

Insomnia: 10 Tips how to fight insomnia a sleeping disorderTo fight against insomnia, it is important not to be stressed. If you are anxious and stressed, there are solutions to fight this problem that can sometimes ruin your life. Listening to relaxing music before falling asleep, using breathing and meditation techniques, getting into yoga or finding a sporting activity that appeals to you and allowing you to extemporize your stress can be great ideas.

Stress is indeed very bad for the health and has a big impact on our breathing. Our thoughts and thus our capacity to fall asleep and to stay asleep more or less easily. Find the solutions that best fit your personality and lifestyle to make you feel healthier, healthier and more enjoyable! Because sleep is an extremely important component of our health and well-being!

10. Consider cognitive therapy

To combat insomnia, cognitive therapy may be considered. It’s a brief therapy, based on the idea that emotions are the fruit of our thinking. It can, through the process of introspection, allow us to better understand. The reasons for our insomnia if these are not linked to external but internal and psychological factors.

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