Vitamin D Deficiency | 8 diseases related to vitamin D deficiency
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Vitamin D Deficiency | 8 diseases related to vitamin D deficiency

8 Common Diseases Caused by Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency is not a problem to be taken lightly. Indeed, when one has a vita D deficiency, we are sorely lacking certain elements necessary for our good health. Yes, vitamin D is a crucial element for our development and our organs. Most of the benefits we derive from vitamin D are related to the fact that it influences our gene expression.

Here are 8 diseases that can be linked to a vita D deficiency. If you suffer, it would be really beneficial for you to be careful to increase your vitamin D intake fairly quickly. How to increase your vitamin D intake? The best solution is to expose yourself to the sun on a regular basis. However, be careful to protect your skin from the sun by applying sunscreen.

1. Dry eye syndrome and macular degeneration

One of the diseases related to vitamin D deficiency? Having dry eyes and suffering from macular degeneration. In fact, according to a recent study, patients with vitamin “D” deficiency should be evaluated to diagnose dry eye syndrome and macular degeneration. Indeed, vitamin D helps strengthen the protective film present in the eyes.

Vitamin D Deficiency | 8 diseases related to vitamin D deficiencyWhen missing, inflammation of the eye surface tends to increase. In addition, if you are genetically predisposed to suffer from macular degeneration, this deficiency could increase your risk of contracting the disease. There is no direct link between vitamin D and macular degeneration, but observational studies seem to show the negative impact of vitamin D deficiency on the development of macular degeneration. So we pay attention to that.

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2. Multiple sclerosis

There is also a link between multiple sclerosis and vitamin D deficiencies. According to recent studies, there is indeed a link between vitamin D deficiencies and autoimmune diseases. The further we live far from the equator, the more chances we have to develop an autoimmune disease. This is related to the impact of the sun on our vitamin D production, and therefore on our health in general.

Multiple sclerosis is a neurodegenerative disease. It affects nerves in the brain and spine. There is no treatment at the moment. Having good vitamin D intake can help reduce your risk of multiple sclerosis at some point in your life. Consuming vitamin D supplements can really help us to be healthier. Exposing oneself to the sun in a careful way is an even more natural and effective method!

3. Digestion and elimination problems

Another disease related to vitamin D deficiency? Disorders of digestion and elimination. Indeed, in recent years, the numbers of diseases such as colon cancer or Crohn’s disease have increased. This is partly related to our lifestyle that has become more sedentary. We expose ourselves much less often to the sun and, in fact, have much lower levels of vitamin D. This pushes us to have more risks of contracting certain diseases.

Vitamin D Deficiency | 8 diseases related to vitamin D deficiencyWe often tend to think that the sun is pushing to contract diseases such as skin cancer. However, moderate exposure to the sun can reduce the chances of getting diseases such as skin cancer or cancers of the internal organs. Indeed, vitamin D is necessary for the proper functioning and normal reproduction of cells. Because cancer is caused by uncontrolled cell reproduction, consuming vitamin D can help prevent it.

4. Inflammatory rheumatism

There is also a link between inflammatory rheumatism and vitamin D deficiency. In fact, lack of vitamin D can in some cases cause rheumatoid arthritis. According to a recent study, there is a real link between this type of diseases and a lack of vitamin D. It is, therefore, important to think of exposing oneself to the sun in a cautious but sufficiently regular way. If for any reason we do not have the opportunity to expose ourselves to the sun, it becomes important to take vitamin D supplements in order not to suffer from a deficiency. Studies of patients with inflammatory rheumatism show that giving them vitamin D supplements helps them to fight the symptoms of the disease.

5. Lupus

According to research recently conducted in Cairo, most patients with lupus had some form of vitamin D deficiency. Lupus is a serious autoimmune disease that can be treated with chemotherapy. People with the lowest levels of vitamin D were those who had the most severe forms of lupus and had the most difficulty controlling their condition.

Vitamin D Deficiency | 8 diseases related to vitamin D deficiencyOn average, patients suffering from this type of disease have serum amounts made by vitamin D in the blood lower than average. To treat lupus, it is therefore extremely important to control your level of vitamin D. If you miss importantly, it becomes necessary to do something about it. Vitamin D supplements are usually chosen, especially if a doctor recommends it.


Of course, HIV / AIDS is not directly caused by vitamin D deficiency. However, evidence suggests that vitamin D supplements can help fight the HIV virus. Indeed, this vitamin can improve the resistance to this disease significantly. It is also a vitamin that helps to increase the number of white blood cells. In fact, the body of a person with good vitamin D intake is more resistant to disease.

7. Depression

An illness such as depression can also be caused by vitamin D deficiency. It is often thought that depression is a disease with only a psychological dimension. And yet, this is absolutely not the case. In fact, there is also a physiological part to this disease. Sun exposure has an effect on depression. This explains, for example, the cases of seasonal depression.

Vitamin D Deficiency | 8 diseases related to vitamin D deficiencyIndeed, a study of women aged 18-25 helped to show that a lack of vitamin D can trigger depression in 42% of cases. It is, therefore, an element that can truly determine significantly the appearance or disappearance of these symptoms. Vitamin D supplements are very easy to obtain and have a real effectiveness. It is therefore important to take this into account and be very careful to allow people suffering from depression to heal gradually.

8. Asthma in children

A recent study also shows a link between vitamin D deficiency in pregnant women and childhood asthma. It may seem odd but in reality, vitamin D in the mother helps protect the child from certain infections and diseases. Likewise, it is a vitamin that promotes the healthy development of all the baby’s functions, including breathing. It is therefore important for pregnant women to expose themselves to the sun.

Vitamin D Deficiency | 8 diseases related to vitamin D deficiencyIf for any reason they do not have the opportunity to do so, it is imperative that they take vitamin D supplements. However, always seek the advice of a health professional before using it! However, it is a vitamin that can truly allow the future child to be healthy and healthy. We do not neglect the importance of this advice if we want to have a truly healthy child.

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