fiber diet

Effective fiber diet

Everyone has heard about the protein diet. Such a diet is a great way to lose weight especially for people with active lifestyles. Diet provides the body with the necessary supply of energy, while allowing to lose weight in two weeks up to 8 kg.

What would be on the protein diet to achieve results, it is necessary to eliminate foods containing carbohydrates. Fats are starting to break down in order to ensure that the body enough energy. From the body during this process it is derived liquid, which promotes rapid weight loss.

fiber diet
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Menu in the diet should consist of foods containing high amounts of protein, namely:. Fish, beans, lean meats, low fat dairy products, eggs, etc. In order to supply the body with vitamins can eat fruits and vegetables.

In order – to calculate calorie foods, you can use a special table compiled specifically for the protein diet, choosing the most suitable pre-products. Consumption of daily calories should not be less than the permissible norm – 1200 kcal. Takeout need from grain products, potatoes, sweets, pasta dishes, butter. It is also recommended to drink during breaks between meals as much liquid as possible. It can be green tea and non-carbonated mineral water.

Nutritionists recommend the use of an efficient protein diet to lose weight is not more than once a year and no longer than 14 days.

One of the advantages of this diet is the lack of use in its hunger. It is connected with a long digestion of food. The advantages can also be considered and compared with a variety of other diets products effective result, preservation for a long time result.

The protein diet is, of course, and its disadvantages, which can be bad for health. And example of this – the imbalance of food. It results from the fact that the body during this diet is not getting enough vitamins and minerals it needs. The downside is the fact that the calcium is derived from an organism, and this creates a great burden on the kidneys, thus preventing their normal operation.

It is recommended that before conducting fiber diet to consult a doctor. It should also be familiar with all the contraindications. It is not necessary to follow a policy of protein diet for those who have chronic gastrointestinal disease, kidney disease, gout. Courses of this diet is contraindicated in the elderly, as they measure blood clotting able to rise due to the use of huge amounts of protein.

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