Hazardous reduction: Hypotension

Hypotension – is not hypertension. It will not lead to a heart attack. Many adhere to this point of view, including even doctors. However, in reality it is not so harmless and low blood pressure is as it seems at first glance. Low blood pressure, that is fraught with sudden hypotension, syncope, decreased quality of life and worsening disease course.

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Sudden fainting

This unexpected trouble can occur in people with low blood pressure at the wrong time and the wrong place. Hypotension and critical circumstances generally live next to each, other holding hands. Acute heart failure, severe blood loss, thermal shocks, shocks of various origins always paired with a fall in blood pressure of man.

Reduced quality of life

Of – for the sluggishness of vascular tone triggered by the expansion of their blood flow slows down, the supply of oxygen to the brain is disrupted, reduced working capacity, all causing drowsiness, dizziness, fatigue and sometimes headaches.

Increased anxiety, sensitivity to cold, anxiety, tendency to fainting, and motion sickness – all this makes life gipotonik in great anguish, breaking a person’s character and imposing a painful imprint on interaction with people. Even sometimes it comes to neuroses.

Deterioration of disease course

Low blood pressure is a frequent companion of adrenal disease, thyroid gland and optic nerve. Very often there is Addison’s disease, which is called also as bronze disease with a bronze-skinned and very low pressure. Respiratory diseases, central nervous system, hepatitis, anemia, cirrhosis of the liver and duodenum ulcers. Hypotension is not so safe for the cardiovascular system.

Over time, the blood vessels experiencing constant pressure fluctuations begins restructuring. And then just becomes hypotensive – hypertensive. There’s even a small increase in blood pressure as a person suffers a hypertensive crisis. Believe me, that is able to treat very difficult.

By the way

It is worth noting that men considered reduced pressure – 100/60 mm Hg, and in women -. 95/60. Therefore, if you have a constant pressure, then you suffer from hypotension.

Hypotension provoke:

  • Professional sports;
  • Low physical activity;
  • Incorrect administration of drugs that lower blood pressure – nitrates, antipsychotics, nitrites, ganglion – and blockers;
  • The work in hazardous environments – intoxication chemicals microwave electromagnetic field doses of ionizing radiation, in the earth under a high temperature and high humidity.

Gipotonik life easier:

  • Tempering procedures;
  • Get enough sleep and normalization of the regime;
  • Massage, acupuncture;
  • Social diet rich in potassium – eggplant, potatoes, cabbage, prunes, apricots, calcium with vitamin D;
  • Neuroprotective drugs, herbal adaptogens, antioxidants, cerebroprotectors antidepressants.

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