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How to choose the right lens for the eye

Among people of all ages in our time are widespread diseases that are associated with visual impairment. Most to see better buy points, but the trend of fashion and practicality offers – contact lenses for the eye. Of course, these lenses have many advantages, especially when compared with the glasses. They are, for example, the temperature change will not fog up. They can also be used unlike glasses during rain. It is not necessary to remove them during the exercise. It should also be noted that the contact lenses are perfect for those who are embarrassed to wear glasses. That is why the lens to the eye might even wear ladies, because they are not completely visible to others. And they mean very comfortable to use.

right lens for the eye
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So how to choose the right lens for the eye? Given that the contact lens to the eye – it is the optics, they also like glasses do not recommend that you choose yourself. To begin to undergo examination by an ophthalmologist. Well, to do this to determine visual acuity, type of microflora eye and corneal sensitivity, the results of which will help to choose the right lens and buy one-day lenses.

Another important factor in choosing a contact lens is firm – manufacturer. At present, the choice of producers rather huge. It is also important to draw your attention to the type of lens. They are, as you know, there are one-off, daily and around the clock. The last way you can, even at night did not shoot. It is also interesting that some of the lens can be changed once a month or every three months, while others, even after six months. also plays a role and the material from which the lens is made – polymer.

Talk to your doctor. The doctor is required to help you choose the appropriate type of contact lenses. But in addition to the choice of lenses, also need to learn how to wear them: to wear and take off. Be patient. Maybe it does not turn them quickly once worn. But over time, you can learn. The ophthalmologist will tell and explain how to use contact lenses lenses and how to care for them.

After a month of wearing the lenses will need to re-pass the examination by a doctor. After re-checking, you can accurately determine the suitability of the selected form of lenses or the other is selected. After that, you can already be wearing them all the time, until the expiration date expires.

Do not forget that not everyone can wear the lenses for the eyes, because there are some contraindications. Thus, it is certain eye disease, diabetes, glaucoma, allergy to a polymer and an infectious disease of the nasopharynx.

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