treatment of influenza

Remedies for the prevention and treatment of influenza

The most popular with the aim of prevention of influenza are folk recipes natural doctor with onions and garlic. For this example it is necessary to chop one onion and fill it with 500ml of boiling milk in a thermos infuse for about an hour. This onion – hot milk infusion should take one glass before bedtime and in the morning.

treatment of influenza
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A tablespoon of marshmallow grind and pour a glass of water, leave for an hour and then drain. The infusion add a tablespoon of honey. The resulting infusion is necessary to take the flu and its complications every 2 hours for two tablespoons.

As anti-inflammatory and expectorant for tracheitis, bronchitis and pneumonia natural doctor suggests an infusion, which is made from the leaves of the plantain. To do this, fill a thermos of three tablespoons of crushed plantain leaves, and pour half a liter of boiling water. Then, insist in a thermos for approximately one hour. The resulting infusion is necessary to take a hot every day for one-third cup of up to four times.

If you have a complicated flu tracheitis, then you must take a medium-sized radishes, cut into her groove, and then fill it with honey. Top radish cover its tip cut off and insist in a warm place for four hours. Mixed with honey, radish juice is, according to traditional healers is very efficient and quite powerful tool in the treatment of influenza. The juice should be taken every day in an adult to cure a tablespoon three times, the children give the juice a day, three times, but a teaspoon.

In addition to all kinds of decoctions and infusions of use may also be other methods of dealing with the flu, such as for example: to make the night to the chest of the patient woolen cloth, which must be pre-impregnated with a special therapeutic mixture of vinegar, camphor and olive oil, and the back of the neck to put a compress, which is made from grated horseradish.

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