Smooth knees and elbows
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Smooth knees and elbows

Ladies – this being gentle and vulnerable. But why this statement is unfair to certain areas of their skin? Women are often faced with calloused, hard, rough elbows and knees, skin is more pigmented. Regular and proper care for such delicate areas will provide an opportunity to ensure gentle and smooth knees and elbows, allowing you to remain excellent.

Let’s look at four steps to get a smooth knees and elbows.

Smooth knees and elbows
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Step №1. Exfoliate

It is necessary to pay attention to the skin of the knees and elbows, at least 2-3 times a week. While bathing walk several times to these places hard sponge, causing blood to run through the vessels more quickly. Then take a body scrub that exfoliates dead skin particles gently, making the skin smooth. It is best to use elbows and knees special peeling large particles, slowly rubbing them into the skin in a circular motion. After 5 to 7 minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water, hands and feet.

Step №2. Hydration and nutrition

Once the knees and elbows are dry, apply a sufficient amount of nutritious fat cream on them, which is designed for dry skin. But if your skin is prone to flaking then try soothing creams that contain plant extracts and panthenol in its composition.

Step №3. Fighting pigmentation

In order to work on the darkened skin on the elbows, you can use lemon juice, it will cope with pigmentation, as well as slow down the process of keratinization, making the skin soft for a long time. To do this, cut a lemon in half and rub their knees and elbows. After drying the skin, rinse with cool water. This procedure must be done in a week 1 – 2 times.

Step №4. Vitamin therapy

As dermatologists argue in maintaining beautiful skin plays an important role retinol, that is – vitamin A. It has been proven that this vitamin is involved in cell differentiation, a positive effect on hydration and skin turgor. Enriches the skin with retinol in two ways: internal and external. Domestic consumption includes food rich in this vitamin or as medical vitamin complex. The high concentration of retinol found in bell peppers, fish, vegetables and milk. Outdoor use – involves adding it to the cream (you can buy it in pharmacies).

That’s basically it. Four Steps to frivolous short dresses and short-sleeved summer mood. And you can go through them?

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