What are antioxidants?

No one in our days, and in particular supporters of healthy lifestyle – a healthy lifestyle will be surprised with a loud word “antioxidant”. After all, today a rare advertising of any product costs without it – “Cosmetics with antioxidants”, “foods with antioxidants”, “antioxidants prolong youth” …But more about thirty years ago and heard about antioxidants known only to a narrow circle of specialists. Yes, and we used them only to slow down the oxidation processes in the tires …

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The idea used in the treatment of some diseases as reported came to our biochemists, who were looking for a means to combat the effects of radiation sickness. It was found that antioxidants appear to play a very important role in cell activity, as universal regulators that kind of structure, composition and activity of cell membranes. Synthetic and natural antioxidants have been used in neurology, oncology, cardiology.

Well, what is this such a wonderful and amazing substances such? Everything seems simple at first glance, “anti” – “against”, “oxidant” – a “oxidation”, as well as a result we get – “antioxidant”. And in general – it’s true, that’s just not quite clear – it reduces oxidation of the rubber material can prolong our youth and in general whether they prolong it?

First you need to understand – what is “oxidation” and how our body goes through the processes of oxidation?

All almost natural destructive processes take place in conjunction with the oxygen, and they are called – oxidation. The fallen leaves decay – oxidation. Iron rusts – oxidation. What – what is burning – oxidation, only faster. Single chain reaction becomes oxidizing acids, carbohydrates, fats, proteins and other organic compounds by molecular oxygen in the air. Our body is not able to be used as plant the energy of sunlight, so the energy we get from – for the oxidation of organic compounds in us.

Thus all organic compounds which are oxidized in the cell and serve as a source of energy – are fats and carbohydrates, which come to us with food. Biological oxidation is similar to combustion of wood on the fire, only this burning is slow and the generated heat does not burn the cells. Results of biological oxidation – this heat, which keeps our body temperature constant, the formation of carbon dioxide and water, and also the conversion of some substances such as amino acids, steroid hormones, bile acids. The oxidation occurs in addition and neutralization of toxic foreign substances which are harmful for our body. Biological oxidation is also known as cellular or tissue respiration.

Needless to describe fully all the details of the oxidation process it is necessary to write a treatise on chemo-biological, but that we do not need. From the above it should be clear that the oxidation – a very important process that occurs in the human body.

But why do we need antioxidants, and what are they? This is what we’ll talk in future articles.

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