The Best Sports To Start The Year With Strength
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The Best Sports To Start The Year With Strength

In the last years, health and well-being have become a space in which a great variety of concepts can fit. The use of mobile applications has been widespread to control our activities, revolutionary forms of training have been developed, the use of nutritional supplements has increased and even apparatuses and accessories for sports practice unthinkable until a few years ago have appeared.

 The best sports to start the year with strength

 In today’s article we will see the best sports to start the year with strength.

  • Combined classes: Many studies have found that the combination of sports can bring great benefits to our physical condition. For example, perform a 40/20 class in which 40 minutes of spinning are done combined with 20 minutes of Yoga. Another really efficient combination can be to perform a 30/30 class in which we dedicate 30 minutes to spinning and 30 minutes to perform TRX.
  • CrossFit: Finding CrossFit boxes in most Spanish cities is becoming a reality. It is a high intensity interval training that improves the anaerobic and aerobic capacity of those who practice it, that is, they improve both strength and endurance.
  • Fitness on the go: It is about maintaining the exercise routine when we are on a work trip. The concept arises with the intention of avoiding that the continuous trips of work break the rhythm of training that we have acquired for years. The use of FItDeck cards or the use of a Fit Kit for travel will allow us to stay in shape when we are away from home.The Best Sports To Start The Year With Strength
  • Online training: During the year 2017 there has been an increasing tendency to use the services of companies that offer sports activities to their users anywhere and at any time in a virtual way. Companies like Gymagogo and DailyBurn offer a wide variety of online fitness workouts that allow us to take the gym to our own home.
  • Aquapunching: In this sport we will combine boxing with aquagym , this is an underwater version of Bodycomba. During an Aquapunching session we will perform the same movements that are made in boxing but with the particularity that we will be inside an underwater pool. Precisely for this, we will need a great physical background as it is a very demanding sport that improves strength, endurance and also takes care of our joints.
  • Aeroyoga: If we want to achieve a perfect body we cannot stop practicing this sport that combines Yoga, Pilates and circus arts. It is an aerial sport that is practiced in a hammock. Classes normally last 75 minutes and combine dynamic sections with static stretches that lead to the development of both strength and endurance.

In addition to this type of sports, during 2014 we must not leave aside the classic sports that provide us with a solid and long-lasting basis necessary to be able to practice any type of sport, however new it may be. Regularly swimming, cycling, running and even a weight training session in the gym develops our muscles, avoiding the appearance of injuries and joint problems.

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