Why Is It Good To Cut Your Nails
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Why Is It Good To Cut Your Nails?

Either for hygiene or to avoid bruising, who else and who less cuts nails as usual. We explain why it is important to do it regularly.

Why is it good to cut your nails?

It is difficult to conceive good hygiene without good nail care. Within this nail care is also included cutting them when necessary. Is it just an aesthetic question? Certainly not.

It is true that the hands are always a focus of attention and, therefore, in a first impression have much to say. For this reason, taking care of hands is always interesting and advisable, but the question goes further and also has to do with hygiene and health.

A good care of the nails of the hands should always be accompanied by a good general care of the hands: our extremities are the ones that have the most contact with all types of surfaces and therefore, the most exposed, not only from the point of view Social but also as a focus of contact with bacteria and other organisms.

Nails can be, when poorly cared for, a very serious focus of accumulation of dirt and elements harmful to health. If in addition to this we add the possibility always opens for poor care of wounds, for example in the cuticle, and subsequent infections, the thing acquires already another dimension more serious.

Why Is It Good To Cut Your NailsThe general, a good cut of nails, both in hands and feet, is one that will be made leaving the cut straight, without producing sharp edges at the ends, something that is especially important in the case of toenails. A bad cut of the latter can cause pain and serious problems in the use of footwear, but also added problems, such as that the edges of the nails are buried under the skin, something that can be very painful, uncomfortable and in some cases (Like that of diabetic people) truly problematic.

In any case, we should not cut too much; we must remember that the part where the nail is set is skin, and specifically a very delicate skin that will not only come off very easily, if you do not have much tendency to become infected.

In addition to all of the above, which as we have seen has to do with the aesthetic but also with health, the nails themselves respond in one way or another over time depending on how we treat them. Despite its constant growth, those who mistreat their nails will see how they weaken over time, and in certain cases, in the face of serious disorders, such as those who bite their nails up to the nail bed, they become deformed and become a focus of Problems and infections.

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