Having High Cholesterol Is Not Always Bad
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Having High Cholesterol Is Not Always Bad …

When we have high cholesterol values ​​it does not always have to be something bad. You know why?

Cholesterol levels in general show the sum of good and bad. If we have a high value but the one that is high is the good is when it is not something harmful. That’s why it’s important to look closely at the data and see if we have HDL, LDL and triglycerides compensated.

The way to know it quickly is to use atherogenic indexes, which make us a relationship between total cholesterol (i.e., the sum of HDL and LDL) and triglycerides. Depending on the results we get we can know if we are at levels dangerous to health or not. I recommend reading the article How to fight against cholesterol.


As I think it is very interesting to know and to take into account I leave you a calculator of atherogenic indexes so that you can include the data of your analytic and orient you in what they mean the numbers that appear.

Let’s start by differentiating the types of lipids that we have in the organism because it is fundamental to understand it. Do not fear that I try to put it as simple as possible and outlined:


HDL, good cholesterol: We are interested in having it high compared to LDL.

LDL, bad cholesterol: Better versus is lower. I recommend reading Diet Dash against hypertension and cholesterol.

VLDL, ugly cholesterol.


ApoB: It is not a lipid per se but it is responsible for transporting the lipids. Especially the most harmful to health that would be VLDL and LDL among others. Although we often do not have the data of this lipoprotein in the analyzes for a basically economic subject and because it is not necessary having the rest of values.

Do we always have to be medicated whenever we have values ​​of more than 200?

The truth is that not always, now we will see when. Yes it is true that it is most advisable to take action on nutrition to control cholesterol levels under control but you have to know if it is a high value because of HDL or LDL. I also recommend reading  OMEGA 3: all the benefits of “good fats” .

Here is an example of total value not the most important …:

Value of 240 total cholesterol with HDL of 80 and 140 of LDL and triglycerides of 80. In this case it does not need treatment because the values ​​of the good cholesterol are high but the triglycerides and the bad cholesterol are normal.

Value of 210 with HDL of 35, LDL of 140 and triglycerides of 250. Although the total value that is usually we know is lower, in this case needs treatment because the high values ​​are of bad cholesterol and triglycerides and there is little the good one. That is, it has more amounts of particles that can be atherogenic and plug the veins.

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