The Problem Of Being An Emotional Impulsive And How To Change
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The Problem Of Being An Emotional Impulsive And How To Change

This weekend I witnessed the fight of two brothers. It is curious how you can be talking in a friendly meeting and, with a simple comment on the past, you can activate that emotional spring that leads from peace to war in a matter of seconds.  

Times of stress one party told me alone he was not worth finishing arguing with her brother and that if he could control his emotions and not be embarrassed by his reaction and everyone would live his life without Enter into absurd fights.

The Problem Of Being An Emotional Impulsive And How To ChangeBut can impulsiveness be managed and free from the tyranny of our emotions?

One of the practices that I propose to try is the dissociated visualization. Separate yourself mentally so that you can relive the same situation again, like rewinding to see you on a movie screen and repeating the scene off of that emotional charge.

You can start by asking yourself these questions:

What sensations of body tell me that a certain emotion is going on in me?

How does my breathing change, how do my facial muscles contract, what sensations are there

How do I visualize that scene? As is the light, as is my bodily disposition in that place

What gesture or image in particular comes to my mind, what words do I hear about me?

Does the test take a deep breath and reconnect mentally with the situation but now watching yourself again the way you wish you had behaved. Be aware of your posture when you are in control, your tone of voice, as is your gesture, your breathing and your rhythm when speaking.

 How has the scene of yourself changed in your mind?

  Can you observe yourself breathing in peacefully, dialoguing without tension, feeling as your body accompanies you? · What positive intention do you have now and can you reach the other person by breathing calmly, talking without tension, feeling as your body is with you? Identify next that negative trait that triggers in your character and defines what would be its opposite. If for example you are easily disturbed by disagreements or arguments with people, the opposite of your irritability would be patience.

 Rewind your experience in this same incident where you lost your patience and visualize your own image being a patient person. Repeat this view every morning or before bed.

Little by little your urge of irritability will weaken and patience will become your emotional response to anger.

You can use this same method to develop other emotions like kindness, serenity or bravery.

Do not think that faults are always harmful. A young child falls a thousand times before learning to walk, but does not quit until he achieves his goal.

The mind is very leader but sometimes needs to receive very clear orders through evocations, images and auditory orders. These new guidelines or programs incorporated by oneself, can induce healthier responses, which will be consolidated and help you become a more serene and happy person.

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