Health Tips for Fall
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Health Tips for Fall

A few days after the summer are over and the call of the change of season is already felt. As the saying goes “if September starts to rain, fall sure is”. The days get shorter, it begins to refresh and there are also changes in our health.

What changes are these? Which organs should we take care of more?

To answer these questions I will tell you the curiosities that traditional Chinese medicine establishes. They are simple application tips that can boost our health and help take care of us.

Health Tips for FallWhat does natural medicine invite us to do?

If you were thinking about food, you’re right!

According to this philosophy each food offers curative properties according to the climatic changes, adapted to the constitution of each one. It is advisable to consume the products of the season, since each one generates in our body a different energy that can be used to purify, compensate or balance the functioning of each organ, preventing diseases.

In autumn, summer has matured and the harvest begins. The trees unload their leaves transforming the landscape, begins the discharge of accumulated during the summer.

‘This download also occurs in our body!!

And what do we accumulate during the summer?

In general there is an accumulation of liquid. Due to the excess heat we take more food containing water, especially fruits and vegetables and, on the other hand, to compensate for the heat generated by the body itself, we reserve it. In the fall the discharge begins: mucus, catarrh or even some allergy.

How to adjust our way of eating?

Now our body asks for a little more heat, so we can start to cook more food, and we compensate the excess water that leaves the organism. It is the time to incorporate more stews, but vegetables cooked or cooked. Cereals such as barley, quinoa or millet are recommended to be included in the diet to strengthen the kidney, stomach and spleen.

New Emotions

Everything is interconnected. Nature begins a cycle of introversion and we may feel more melancholy, romantic and nostalgic. Contrasting with the fire, the joy and the bustle of summer by the approach of the sun to the land, in autumn the waters arrive and with them new emotions. Different feelings that express themselves more in oneself. So, if you need to connect more with that melancholy, do it! Do not hold back and let it out!

Body Care

 A key tip is to not give up physical activity this season so you do not lose energy and stay oxygenated. Have you thought about which sport would best suit your needs? Now is a good time to start skating, join Yoga or be part of some group exercise that is always easier to meet.

What happens inside us?

Being sad, keeping up with our melancholy leads us to live more inside the houses. It is normal that we take care of them and we organize to spend a better winter but it does not have to entail letting our spirit fall into the lethargy of a continuous sadness.

It is important to schedule introspection activities by selecting a good movie, listening to good music, performing creative activities inside the house. Being active and perceiving the cycle of nature through the change of color of the trees will raise your spirits and advance your future projects.

Things to avoid

 As for food, it is recommended to avoid sugars that wreak havoc on the nervous system. Today there is a widespread sadness and this devitalization may have to do with so many hours of computer, sedentarism and the excess of refined food. It consumes an excess of sugars and other fast metabolizing carbohydrates. Much candy, chocolates, excess sweet fruits will accentuate that melancholy and lack of energy.

To compensate test to consume more healthy fats that improve the organism. I do not mean sausages, pastries or stews with excess salt, but good quality fats, blue fish such as tuna, bonito, salmon, Brie cheese, goat or nuts.

As the presence of water signals the arrival of autumn, inflammations, joint pain, muscles, kidneys, etc. also increase. It is therefore good to take foods with anti-inflammatory properties such as whole grains and legumes such as lentil, chickpea and beans.

Do not forget to include vegetables in each meal, either raw at mealtime to ensure alkalinity in your stomach or cooked at night to give that body heat, facilitate digestion and ensure a better rest.

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