Apple pie
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Apple pie

This is one of the pies that we like most at home. Kids do not count; they just want cupcakes, cookies and muffins. Tomorrow is the birthday of my friend Arancha and I thought this is a good little gift to celebrate. The candles that she puts them, that there is trust! If you want to make the dough breeze at home, it is very easy and will cost you little time and little money. A round business, do not you think?


  • 1 refrigerated breeze mass
  • 4 medium golden apples
  • Sugar to sprinkle over
  • Apricot or peach jam
  • custard cream
  • Photograph of ingredients needed for this recipe
  • Ingredients for making apple pie

Apple pieApple pie: videorecta

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Apple pie: recipe preparation

We started preparing the custard. In a glass of milk, we deflated the cornstarch. When there are no lumps left, we pour the mixture into a saucepan along with all the ingredients. We beat everything well and took it to the fire without removing. Better to medium or low heat because we could stick to the bottom. You must constantly beat with the hand rod. When it thickens, let cool outside the refrigerator and covered so that it does not crust.

Now we can preheat the oven to 200 º C.

Then we break the apples into quarters, remove the hearts and peel them carefully to preserve the round border. We cut into sheets and booked. Even if it darks a little, it does not matter because the next step will take only 5 minutes, if we do not entertain.

To prepare the cake I used a 30 cm round mold. Place the base of breeze in the bottom, place well centrality and mold the edges to level them. Then we spread the custard, leveling it well, but without stress, that this is just a cake, huh!

Let’s put the apple blades as we want. I have chosen the flower shape because it is the one that best fits the round shape of the mold, but the design is free. We started from the outside in to better focus the end of the pie. When we have all the cream covered by the apple, we sprinkle with a little sugar, we cut the edges of the paper of oven that carries the same packaged mass and we put it in the oven for 30 minutes leaving the temperature to 200º C. I have put it in the Third of the five levels that the oven has on top of a tray.

After 30 minutes, check that it has browned underneath and remove it from the oven. We can leave it to cool in the tray or, with the help of the paper of oven we take it out and that it is cooled on the blonda and the plate with which we are going to present it.

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