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Broken Eggs With Sausage

Broken eggs are a dish that everyone likes. Easy, economical and very rich. They are prepared in a moment and you need very few ingredients: only eggs, potatoes, oil and salt. This version, which I bring you today, with sausage, is sure to get you out of a hurry in those days that you want to eat well and your refrigerator echoes. I also want to warn you that this food should be prepared occasionally for its high caloric content, but we all like to eat some fried eggs with potatoes and I assure you that if you add sausage the dish earns a lot. In addition you can prepare them as a plate more pecking at a dinner of friends and sure to triumph.

Eggs are one of the staple foods in our kitchen. We can prepare them in tortilla, fried, hard, and stuffed; they are even one of the basic ingredients in confectionery. There are so many uses that are given to eggs; we surely do not imagine the kitchen without them.


  • 2 eggs
  • 2 medium potatoes (400 g)
  • 75 g of fresh chorizo
  • Frying oil
  • Salt

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Broken eggs with Sausage: preparation of the recipe

  • Heat the oil in the fryer or pan and, while peeling the potatoes and cut them first in slices and then in strips. You can use olive or sunflower oil, which you usually use for frying. Fry until golden brown and, once fried, leave on absorbent kitchen paper to remove excess oil and add the corresponding salt. Reservation.
  • Cut the ┬ásausage to slices and pass it by the pan with a little oil, very little because it will lose its own fat. When it changes color, remove it from the fire or it will dry you too much.
  • In a frying pan with plenty of oil, fry the eggs one by one. Add the corresponding salt. With a spoon, you have to go pouring oil over the clear to be set, do not pour over the yolk because it has to stay liquid. When you have settled the clear, remove it with a skimmer.

Preparation of broken eggs

4.-Put the potatoes in the tray or plate where you go to serve, distribute the slices of sausage over and place the eggs on top of everything. Serve it very hot and when you present it to the table, break them in four or more pieces with knife and let the potatoes soak with the yolks.

You can also serve them in a round bagel, cutting the top and having emptied the crumb Surely you look spectacular!

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