The Noise Of Society
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The Noise Of Society

In Times Of The Caverns When A Child Came To The World Did Everything To Integrate In The Group. In A Hostile Environment The Survival Of One Was Unlikely Without The Help Of His Companions. If A Person Was Rejected By His Tribe He Was Condemned To Certain Death. A Single Person Was Not Able To Hunt Large Animals Or Protect Themselves 24 Hours A Day. That Instinct Of Belonging To A Group Has Been Inherited And We All Act With This Pattern Throughout Our Lives. We Need To Be Accepted.

The Game However Has Changed. On The One Hand, You Can Survive Without Following The Footsteps Of Those Around You Because There Are Endless Ways To Get Ahead In Developed Countries. On The Other Hand, There Is Too Much Pressure On The Person. We Receive Orders And Opinions From Too Many Sites. I Explain. Our Environment Known From All Walks Of Life Wants To Take Us To Its Terrain And Manage Our Destiny.

The Noise Of SocietyA Child At School Can Feel The Pressure Of Wearing Slippers Of A Certain Brand Because He Knows That They Will Laugh At Him If He Does Not. This Need To Belong Can Make Us Reject Our True Desires. This Is Not Going To Be Very Important When It Comes To Some Sneakers, But Life Continues Along This Path.

If We Live A Life That We Do Not Like Our Brains Will Send Us Signals. We Will Be Sad, Head Hurts Or Other Similar Symptoms. If We Strive To Continue A Life Our Brain Does Not Accept, It Will Make Us Sick. The Disease Of Fashion In Modern Society Is Depression And It Can Be Summarized Is That Slavery That Supposes The Noise That Surrounds Us.

Following Your Own Path Often Means Accepting Loneliness And Misunderstanding. There Is A Lot Of Pressure For Us To Follow The Established Path. Going Back To The Example Of Sneakers, Society Not Only Pushes Us To Wear Branded Shoes But Presses Us To Laugh At The One Who Does Not Wear Them.

There Are People Who Work In A Place Where Their Boss Mistreats Them And Where They Are Not Recognized, But They Are Not Able To Change. And As Long As We Do Not Leave Work, We Will Get Sick. Sometimes We Will Seek Support To Leave The Job And What We Get Is Just The Opposite. “How Are You Going To Quit? And What Will You Live For? But If They Pay You Well. ” People Who Care About Our Well-Being, Like Our Parents For Example, Add Their Fears To Ours. Parents Can Not Bear The Possibility That Their Child Will Not Get Through. They Prefer That You Eat Every Day That You Risk In Unfamiliar Terrain. It Is Logical But Insane. On The Other Hand, Parents Are Also Under Pressure From Society, They Want To Look Good And Fit Into Their Group. And That Sometimes Entails That The Son Has A Career Or Has Such Or Such A Hobby,

The Economic World Needs People Who Borrow And Work Hard To Pay Interest And Ask For New Loans. Your Government Wants You To Be A Self-Sufficient Worker, To Pay Taxes And To Spend Your Money To Stimulate The Country’s Economy. Anything Goes For It. They Bombard You Daily With News And Messages So That You Do Not Leave The Established Plan.

The List Is Endless. We Could Continue With Your Bosses, Teachers, Relatives, Neighbors, Etc. Everyone Wants Something From Us But Without Thinking About Us. Our Destiny Seems Driven By Others And Our Joys And Sorrows Depend On Facts Beyond Our Reach. If Our Team Or Our Political Party Wins, We Are Happy. If They Tell Us That There Is Crisis And That Everything Is Fatal We Suffer Depression. Things We Can Not Change, However, Dominate Our Existence.

How To Free Ourselves From So Much Noise? We All Have A Natural Path Through Which To Flow Just As A River Does By Its Channel. The Rivers Go Down Their Path Without Effort, It Is Their Nature. A Tree Grows Effortlessly And Bears Its Fruits, It Is Its Way. Our Ways, However, Are Distorted By All The Noises Of Society: They Will Say, Shame, Fear, The Weight Of Our Education, The Opinion Of Our Friends, What They Tell Us On TV That It Is “Cool” And Trends That We Must Follow To Feel Integrated (Like Politics And Football).

There Is The Possibility Of Seeking Our Essence But For This We Will Have To Isolate Ourselves From All The Noise That Surrounds Us. This Is Achieved By Accepting A Certain Amount Of Solitude And Knowing That For A Long Time No One Will Value Your Courage, Your Illusions, Your Ideas And Your Abilities. If We Betray Our Needs We Can Not Be Happy And Our Body Will Get Sick. Look For Your Essence Because You No Longer Need The Protection Of The Group, You Can Survive And Find New Ones. In The Information Age, This Is All The More Difficult Because Of Noise And At The Same Time Easier By The Means At Our Disposal. Good Luck.

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