What are antioxidants?

No one in our days, and in particular supporters of healthy lifestyle – a healthy lifestyle will be surprised with a loud word “antioxidant”. After all, today a rare advertising of any product costs without it – “Cosmetics with antioxidants”, “foods with antioxidants”, “antioxidants prolong youth” …But more about thirty years ago and heard about […]


Hazardous reduction: Hypotension

Hypotension – is not hypertension. It will not lead to a heart attack. Many adhere to this point of view, including even doctors. However, in reality it is not so harmless and low blood pressure is as it seems at first glance. Low blood pressure, that is fraught with sudden hypotension, syncope, decreased quality of […]


5 Tips gynecologist for every day

Health blog provides advice for women to help maintain reproductive health. These tips will teach and to determine what is in terms of gynecology norm and that goes beyond its scope, and requires treatment. Tips gynecologist for every day It is necessary to pay special attention to the selection. Of course, they have all but […]