5 Tips gynecologist for every day

Health blog provides advice for women to help maintain reproductive health. These tips will teach and to determine what is in terms of gynecology norm and that goes beyond its scope, and requires treatment. Tips gynecologist for every day It is necessary to pay special attention to the selection. Of course, they have all but […]

right lens for the eye
Healthy Living

How to choose the right lens for the eye

Among people of all ages in our time are widespread diseases that are associated with visual impairment. Most to see better buy points, but the trend of fashion and practicality offers – contact lenses for the eye. Of course, these lenses have many advantages, especially when compared with the glasses. They are, for example, the temperature change […]

drinks for weight loss
Weight Loss

Delicious drinks for weight loss

It has long been nutritionists have come to the conclusion that due to the high content of relatively high level of vitamins and minerals have a drink, which largely help to lose weight. And here in fact there are two positive points: Fixed weight dropped at the border; Reduced weight of not – for the removal […]

fiber diet

Effective fiber diet

Everyone has heard about the protein diet. Such a diet is a great way to lose weight especially for people with active lifestyles. Diet provides the body with the necessary supply of energy, while allowing to lose weight in two weeks up to 8 kg. What would be on the protein diet to achieve results, it is […]

Smooth knees and elbows
Skin Care

Smooth knees and elbows

Ladies – this being gentle and vulnerable. But why this statement is unfair to certain areas of their skin? Women are often faced with calloused, hard, rough elbows and knees, skin is more pigmented. Regular and proper care for such delicate areas will provide an opportunity to ensure gentle and smooth knees and elbows, allowing you to […]