Author: Donald Baker

The Perfect Place to Use Your Ben Wa Balls

What are Kegel balls for?

Kegel balls, or Ben Wa balls, have been utilized for a considerable length of time to reinforce vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. The little, weighted balls arrive in a wide range of loads and sizes to assist you with contracting and discharge various muscles easily.

However, Kegel balls accomplish something other than getting your pelvic floor ready. They’re better known for improving sexual delight — to such an extent that they’re additionally called climax balls, Venus balls, shake balls, geisha balls, love balls, and joy balls.

What’s more, on account of whoops on “Expansive City” and “50 Shades,” Kegel balls have considered a to be in prevalence as more people investigate their numerous great — and personal — employments.

On the off chance that you have a couple and aren’t sure where to begin, or in case you’re uncertain of what to purchase, read on.  …

Goth and Christian ‘intimacy talk’

Surprising similarities between divergent groups, but old stereotypes persist, researcher says

Though they express their sexuality in starkly different ways, evangelical Christian men and goth men share a startling amount of common ground in their “intimacy talk,” which in both cases tends to emphasize intimacy, vulnerability and respect for women.

Despite this, these groups do not completely transcend the culture in which they were reared, a CU sociologist reports. But the strategies these men employ can be seen as an attempt to deal with bad options enforced by social tradition.

Clearly, there are differences between the groups. Young evangelical Christian men eschew partying, embrace self-discipline, extol moral cleanliness and commit themselves to sexual abstinence. They value old-fashioned, masculine chivalry.

Goth men, on the other hand, exist largely on an opposite pole, donning dark clothes, expressing dark emotions, rejecting traditionally “masculine” traits, engaging in “gender bending and queer play,” freely enjoying …

Sex Toys Specially Designed for Men: What are the Special Features

Everyone knows dildos and vibrators that women enjoy. But for men, there are a number of homemade sex toys for men. No matter whether you are looking for a suitable toy for masturbation or want to discover new possibilities with your partner – with us you will find the right men toy for every occasion.

Men’s sex toys for every occasion

The selection of men’s sex toys is huge and continues to grow as demand increases. If you are looking for toys that will give you tingling orgasms in lonely hours, a masturbator, flesh lights or a love doll is just right. Here you will find everything from vaginal replicas to love dolls in body size, what you need for erotic hours. If you want to enjoy sexy hours as a couple, there are far more sex toys than dildo and vibrator , where both partners have a lot of …

The Fetish Goth

The Fetish Goth shows off the sexuality of the gothic scene in terms of their attitude, their dress, and the music they listen to.

These are the kinds of goths you will see wearing PVC, Leather and Latex… if they are wearing anything at all that is.

The goth scene has always been the kind of scene that attracts people with alternative mindsets. Part of this is how inclusive the scene is. When you are a member of the gothic subculture, one of the first things you discover is how accepting everyone else is of each other, warts and all. This welcoming side of goth also encourages people to explore themselves further. When you are in an area of acceptance like that, you are free to grow into what you want to be. People who have even an inkling of the fetish lifestyle in them might start exploring it that …

Why Every Guy Should Date A Goth Girl At Least Once

I still have no idea who that red-haired eighth grader was, but she impacted my life in ways she couldn’t possibly fathom.

Picture it: metro Atlanta, circa 1997. I’m a fresh-faced sixth grader getting used to the rigors of junior high. Middle school, being that terrible, awkward time in life when you experience all the newfound joys of puberty, wasn’t exactly the easiest transition for me. It was especially tough since I went to a school that was about 50 percent lower class white sociopaths, 40 percent lower class black sociopaths and 10 percent really stuck-up rich white kids who got the shaft during the last county rezonings. There weren’t a lot of cliques on campus, but of the few that were, what intrigued me most was how the groups seemed to exist sans the grade level boundaries. If you were a sixth grade jock, you hung out with the …

Goths And Sex

Online, it’s not hard to see that there has been a war on sex in combination to Goth. There are those that believe that the connection of bondage with Goth’s is wrong and are hateful towards it, or those that still think that in such an apparently open-minded subculture they can dictate that if another chooses to dress in less that it’s for some reason wrong.

What Happened To The Mantra “Wear What You Want”

To put it bluntly, just because you dress in a Victorian style does not mean you can say that styles such as Deathrock are devaluing the subculture. Such a subculture that takes creativity and self-expression so seriously you’d think that there would be less close-minded bigots but that isn’t always the case. In a perfect world people would be able to wear what ever they want whether that’s a mini-skirt and crop-top or head to …