Goths And Sex

Goths And Sex

Online, it’s not hard to see that there has been a war on sex in combination to Goth. There are those that believe that the connection of bondage with Goth’s is wrong and are hateful towards it, or those that still think that in such an apparently open-minded subculture they can dictate that if another chooses to dress in less that it’s for some reason wrong.

What Happened To The Mantra “Wear What You Want”

To put it bluntly, just because you dress in a Victorian style does not mean you can say that styles such as Deathrock are devaluing the subculture. Such a subculture that takes creativity and self-expression so seriously you’d think that there would be less close-minded bigots but that isn’t always the case. In a perfect world people would be able to wear what ever they want whether that’s a mini-skirt and crop-top or head to toe Victorian – you have absolutely no right (or even less right if you look back at this article that I wrote on judgement [here] – to tell another person the way they dress is somehow wrong.

BDSM And The Goth Subculture

Lots of other bloggers have addressed the topic of Goths and it’s cousin the Bondage scene. It’s generally agreed that just because someone is a Goth doesn’t mean they are into bondage or are not into bondage. The reason someone is wearing a bondage collar isn’t necessarily because one is into bondage. It could be because of fashion, preference, bondage, a ‘pet’ lifestyle or any number of reasons. A lot of Goth’s like wearing elements of Bondage in their every day wear which can have a different meaning of being worn.

Some (not all) include:

  • Corsets
  • Fishnets
  • Plaid skirts (a symbol of school girl fantasy’s)
  • Collars
  • D and O rings
  • Leather, though this is greatly more accepted in the modern day.
  • PVC

Much like the Vampire subculture there is a lot of cross over with Goth and the Bondage subculture. This is generally because most alternative subcultures when beginning grouped together in clubs and events for a broader audience and to make money. Not to mention the similarities with generally dark clothing, open mindedness and loud music.

The myth that all Goth’s are into bondage goes very well with the myth that are Goth’s are easy discussed further bellow.

Goth Girls Are Easy

As far as I have heard there’s no designated reason why the implication that Goth Girls are easy came from. To me it seems a combination of sexual symbols being worn by Goths, Goth’s in pornography and Goth’s (or what the media thinks they are) in television and literature. The myth may have developed from the rumoured open-mindedness to one’s own sexuality.

Goths And Pornography

Goth’s are almost fetishised in pornography to the point that it
has become it’s own niche market. At one point even famous models sell
pornography picture, such as (insert persons name here) that asked for
objects on her Amazon wishlist for a return of herself pictured in it –
it’s notable that most of the objects were lingerer. I’m not stating an
opinion on this – as I believe it’s each to their own.