Sex Toys Specially Designed for Men: What are the Special Features

Sex Toys Specially Designed for Men: What are the Special Features

Everyone knows dildos and vibrators that women enjoy. But for men, there are a number of homemade sex toys for men. No matter whether you are looking for a suitable toy for masturbation or want to discover new possibilities with your partner – with us you will find the right men toy for every occasion.

Men’s sex toys for every occasion

The selection of men’s sex toys is huge and continues to grow as demand increases. If you are looking for toys that will give you tingling orgasms in lonely hours, a masturbator, flesh lights or a love doll is just right. Here you will find everything from vaginal replicas to love dolls in body size, what you need for erotic hours. If you want to enjoy sexy hours as a couple, there are far more sex toys than dildo and vibrator , where both partners have a lot of fun. A sex toy like a cock ring or a penis loop ensures long and intense erections, somehow similar to chastity cages popular with basketball players. A penis pump will make your limb look particularly plump. With prostate dildos and vibrators you can enjoy a prostate stimulation. This will give you unimagined feelings. For those who have already tried a lot and are looking for a slightly more specific variety, we have various dilators in our shop to choose from. Urethral stimulation releases new exciting emotions, but is not for beginners.

Discover trendy brands and accessories

Sex toys are made of high quality and are made of the best materials. In order to enjoy the toys for a long time, you should stick to a few tips. Silicone is very popular because it feels very soft and realistic. In conjunction with silicone, you should only use water-based lubricant. In addition, you must clean all toys after each use, so that no bacteria can multiply. For cleaning, hot water and soap are usually sufficient. Occasionally a Toy Cleaner should be used for disinfecting.

Sex toys for men can be exciting for you and your partner. Here you will find a lot of toys for him, which provide a lot of pleasure at any time. His sex toy guides for him will give you tips that will help you choose your next toy.

Find the best sex toys for men

Dive headfirst into a world of sensual pleasures with our sex toys for men and discover sensational luxury in a class of its own. You will always find what you are looking for in our huge selection of sex toys for men, whether you want to boost your solo playing or pleasure for two.

On the other hand if you want to be horny but not being able to get off, then what you need is chastity device for starting life full of discipline.

Bring your best piece to life with the shake me babe masturbation

Masturbators are sex toys designed to mimic vaginal, anal or oral penetration. With the brand Shake me babe masturbators you have the choice between electric masturbators, automatic masturbators and manual masturbators.

To use the masturbator, the erected member is inserted into the pleasure opening of the masturbator. Depending on the model, the up and down movement of the masturbator takes place automatically or you have to lend an additional hand to achieve the desired effect. The offer of love and vibe is very versatile, so that every man can find a suitable masturbator.

Butt Masturbators and Pleasure Pussies for a lifelike Masturbation Experience

The butt masturbators, pleasure pussies & torso masturbators of the brand absolute fuck are the ideal sex toys for lovers of anal and vaginal penetration, for sodomy and doggy style. In these realistic sex toys, the female anatomy is modeled down to the smallest detail. The skin-like and supple soft material also helps to achieve a particularly realistic masturbation experience. The weight of Lust balls varies between 500 grams and 13 kilograms. The skin feeling is very pleasant. When penetrating the vagina and anus, you will hardly notice the difference between a real woman and a pleasure pussy.

Enlarge your penis with a penis pump

Which man has never dreamed of a bigger penis? Thanks to a penis pump this is possible. Various manual and automatic models swell your best piece. Slide the erected link into the cylinder of the penis pump and depending on the model press either the hand pump or the start button. This creates a negative pressure in the cylinder, which causes a blood stuff effect and increases the limb. Enjoy the exciting stimulation and pleasant feelings that the penis pump brings.

Plugs and play anal plugs for anal pleasure

The anus is a highly erogenous zone for men. Therefore, there are numerous sex toys, with which you can spoil yourself anal. Under the brand name you will find numerous anal plugs and butt plugs that massage and stimulate from behind. Depending on your own preferences, you can choose a model with vibration, rotation, shock function or an inflatable plug. Discover our selection and see for yourself which plug you would like to test immediately.

Inflatable sex dolls- the doll in life size

As a rule, the rubber dolls are made of synthetic latex. The pleasure holes of the dolls are made of the skin-like material Cyber skin. Depending on the model, the inflatable sex doll can take different positions. She can stand or sit. All inflatable sex dolls in the assortment have a vagina and anus. The two-sex Love Dolls also have a penis. Blowjob sex dolls have additionally slightly open lips, so that you can also spoil your best piece of the tender lips of the love doll. If you want to see how the rubber doll squirms with pleasure under your powerful pelvic thrusts, you can also introduce a vibrating egg in one of the two pleasure holes. So you can enjoy your fantasies even better with the sex doll!

For an even more realistic masturbation experience, your online sex shop also has a selection of silicone full body dolls in its range. The material used in the production of the silicone dolls is particularly soft. Numerous details make these sex dolls even more lifelike sex toys. The silicone torsos, torso masturbators and silicone dolls already feel very comfortable when they penetrate and bring about very realistic feelings of pleasure.

The Prostate Massage with the Pro-G Stimulators

The prostate is one of the erogenous zones of the man who is sometimes treated a little neglected, but has an incredible desire potential. With the right stimulation you can experience particularly strong orgasms. The right massage of the prostate is very easy with the appropriate sex toys. The prostate stimulators and anal vibrators brand PRO-G were designed to provoke the male G-spot, known as P-spot, gently. These men’s sex toys are usually made of particularly lubricious materials, such as TPR or silicone, and have a special shape. Experience particularly masculine solo moments with the prostate sex toys.