The Fetish Goth

The Fetish Goth

The Fetish Goth shows off the sexuality of the gothic scene in terms of their attitude, their dress, and the music they listen to.

These are the kinds of goths you will see wearing PVC, Leather and Latex… if they are wearing anything at all that is.

The goth scene has always been the kind of scene that attracts people with alternative mindsets. Part of this is how inclusive the scene is. When you are a member of the gothic subculture, one of the first things you discover is how accepting everyone else is of each other, warts and all. This welcoming side of goth also encourages people to explore themselves further. When you are in an area of acceptance like that, you are free to grow into what you want to be. People who have even an inkling of the fetish lifestyle in them might start exploring it that little bit more.

Many goth events and places also offer fetish clubs to cater towards this audience. For example, the biggest gothic festival int he world, Wave Gothik Treffen, has a celebrated Fetish night every year that, for many, is the highlight.

There is also that many of the bands in the gothic scene also create songs based around BSDM themes. Depeche Mode, for example, are quite famous for offering up quite a few songs that seem to be based around the theme of bondage. Even The Cure have songs that, if you look at them in the right way, deal with this element of life.

There is also that being a goth is primarily about being true to yourself, and to many people, being able to show off a side of their sexuality is being true to themselves. If this seems strange to you because you are an outsider, think of it in terms of how much struggle and bloodshed there has been for LGBT people. When you see that, you might start understanding why sexuality is a big deal for a lot of people, and being able to display it is a sign of self-actualisation.

Fetish Goth Fashion

Fetish Goths show the world their choices in life through, as already mentioned, PVC, Leather, and PVC.

Some goths also take a more subtle approach to showing their involvement in this kind of world, with having small accessories that show an interest in the ‘lifestyle’. These can come in the form of chokers, or in the form of just one more chain that would be considered normal for a goth outfit. Other goths who do want to show an affiliation may wear bracelets that have been made to look like bindings. Others might choose to wear leather, PVC or latex but not make it the defining part of their outfit.

(As an additional note on the collar. Sometimes, but not always, this signifies a part of the Dom and Sub relationship. Some people might wear a collar for the sake of fashion, but to others, it might be as valuable as a wedding ring. So, always exercise a bit of caution before commenting on this part of an outfit.)

For the feminine fashion, corsets are also a key part of the fashion. Although, that’s not to say that those who adopt a more masculine appearance can’t wear corsets either. Many companies also make male corsets.

Depending on the weather, you might encounter Fetish Goth in various states of skin showing. Sometimes it will be as simple as small, skinny shorts. Sometimes, even these shorts will have holes in them. As long as the Fetish Goth is going to the environment where anything goes, well, anything goes.

Another key element for the Fetish Goth? The boots. Tall, high boots are the most common, possibly because of the touch of foot fetishism and feet worship that they contain. There is also that aspect of the domineering look.

Interestingly, a lot of the time Fetish Goths will look towards Military Goths for Fashion advice, and vice-versa. This is because of the transfer of power, of the themes of dominance and submissiveness that is inherent within both styles.

Fetish Goth Music

On that note, a lot of Fetish Goths also listen to the kinds of music that Military Goths will listen to. Nachtmahr, of course, being the absolute main example. With their songs about women in uniform, about controlling and domineering people, Nachtmahr is a perfect fit for the BSDM style of sexuality that many Fetish Goths are a member of.

There are also the aforementioned classics, including the all-time greats Depeche Mode. To these, you can also include Nine Inch Nails (Closer and Happiness in Slavery being two key songs), The Velvet Underground and VNW Nation are all classics or semi-recent classics that Fetish Goths can be found listening to.

Other than this, one of the new key bands within the Fetish Goth area is that of Grausame Töchter. Alongside their stage show, their songs constantly speak of sadomasochism. Of angry relationships. Of sexuality. Their stage shows and art are full of latex, of BSDM and fetish. A perfect band to listen to.

Similarly, the undisputed male master of Fetish Goth music is Leæther Strip, with virtually all of their songs speaking or dealing with MSDN, Sadomachosim, and fetish themes.

Also on the newer area of music are Suicide Comando, with songs such as “Bind Torture and Kill” and “Torment Me.” Similarly, CombiChrist (Fuckmachine), Miss Construction (I’m a Bitch) and Die Form (most of their catalogue). Although Fetish Goths may not listen to these bands as much as the ones above, they are still heavily featured on many of a Fetish Goth’s playlists. And of course, for those who have traveled to goth through the hairspray of Punk, there is X-Ray Spec’s Classic track, “Oh Bondage, Up Yours.”

Fetish Goth Interests

With all this talk of sex so far, you’d be forgiven for thinking that maybe Fetish Goths just simply spend all their time in Fetish clubs.

However, because of their ability to be completely open about themselves, Fetish Goths tend to be another one of the social goth types. There are few things that a Fetish Goth enjoys more than sitting with some friends and sharing stories that come from the heart, as opposed to stories told to pass the time.

Because of the nature of BSDM having strict safety rules, Fetish Goths can also be some of the more sensible members of the goth scene. It is not uncommon for a Fetish Goth to also have a job in a place that values safety criteria, for example a pharmaceutical company.

Because they are likely to have people over to their place, most Fetish Goths also tend to be really house proud. Not only do they take great care in keeping the place completely tidy and presentable at all times, but they also spend a lot of effort and care in making sure that the place is as well decorated and as stocked up as it can be.

And yes. They go to fetish clubs as well.

These fetish clubs, just like the rest of the goth community, are warm and welcoming places. Despite what an outsider’s opinion might be on the activities that go on in there, there is actually a really large emphasis placed on warmth and joy in all of its forms. People at fetish clubs tend to treat newcommers with a reassuring smile and a large hug. While holding a whip.